In back of the real [12 –16. 05. 2011]


ISCP Gallery and Artistic Intervention in Public Space

In back of the real is a seminal poem written in 1954 by Allen Ginsberg. A ‘flower of industry’ survives in the poem despite its abandonment in front of a tank factory, reflecting the effects of industry on its surrounding environment. This exhibition is situated in ISCP’s gallery and throughout its immediate vicinity of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. ISCP’s building, a historic printing factory, is located in an industrial area between warehouses, shops and different production sites. The neighborhood is characterized by an enigmatic relationship between its manual laborers and artist community, with an “invisible border” between economic production and the artistic imaginary.

Uri Aran, Julien Bismuth, Katie Holten, Gereon Krebber, Luisa Rabbia, Tanja Roscic, Carolyn Salas, Ana Santos, Reed Seifer

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