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I considered fragMENtaTION project as an alternative exhibition model. The concept “exhibition” which, in classic terms, develops depending on a specific space, an institution and production possibilities, can in the final analysis be defined as a possibility for a visual narration that discusses artistic production.While proceeding with various projects, I moved away from working with specific spaces; the artists I worked with were also in constant motion. The changes in life had a lot of impact on both their viewpoints and forms of production. There were many artists in my list that I wanted to work with. As much as I wanted to work with them, I also wished to get involved in different experiments. As I opened the pages of the Sanat Dünyamiz magazine where my articles have been published for over twenty years, I thought about a new exhibition model. The magazine’s pages designed by the artists themselves are original pieces; furthermore, they are freed of the dependency on the concepts of space and time. Each project is formed in collaboration with the artists and the team of Sanat Dünyamiz; thereby the magazine’s pages are turned into exhibition spaces where different visual experiments are manifested. Projects that the artists developed by using different techniques and narrative potentials, make references to the experimental quality of contemporary art via visual contents, new questions and new viewpoints. Each project that goes through the processes of detailed and specific interrogation, production and dialogue, undoubtedly opens the doors to a different outlook on the world. The fragMENtaTION project makesthe dialogue between the textual image and the visual image visible, by transporting the questions and the viewpoints that contemporary art develops independently from space and time.

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Sheets of Paper Laid on the Grass

Edition Project for the Unlimited Contemporary Art Magazine, Istanbul

The changes in life had a lot of impact on the forms of production. During the Corona-times I developed the idea of specific editions with my editor-in-chief Merver Akar Akgün for the bimonthly printed Art Unlimited, a contemporary art magazine based in Istanbul since 2006. Unlimited is the leading contemporary art platform, both digital and printed, in Turkey and has been covering local, national, and international aspects of contemporary art. A both side printed poster in DIN A1 format (59,4 x 84,0 cm) will be folded in DIN A4 (21,0 x 29,7 cm) and inserted within the magazine. I consider this as an alternative, independent exhibition space without walls, institutional frame and art marked dominated structures. Posters will be original pieces; furthermore, their content will be independent, and their presence turned everywhere into exhibition space where different visual experiments are manifested. I believe that the artists will develop by using different image making techniques and new narrative potentials. This will make references to the experimental quality of contemporary issues and new viewpoints.

I barrow the title of the project from John Berger’s book Photocopies and want to invite artists. Following aspects were essential for the selection process of these artists:

  • Creating a new, unleashed narratives
  • Experimental approaches for the image making process
  • Affinities with black humour, misunderstandings, abstraction
  • Reflections on sociological, political, and economical matters from unexpected corners

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