ŞİİR HER YERDEDİR / İLHAN BERK 100 YAŞINDA [21.11.2018 – 20.1.2019]


Commissioner: Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Art and Publishing Inc. Istanbul
Venue: Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts, Galatasaray, Istanbul

Eminent modernist Poet Ilhan Berk (1918-2005) will be 100 years old. The exhibition presents a new interpretation of his books trough 25 influential writers, visual artists and a selection from his archive.  The presentation of his library, unpublished diaries, unknown drawings and paper works underline his unique position as poet, translator and editor. The exhibition traces long-lived, productive life of an enigmatic poet through six sections. Each part is composed with “tremendous trifles of life” of poet. They also inhabit a dimension that transcends the everyday life as their author comes to terms with the problems of living and creating, with pain, fear and loneliness, above all, with the enduring love he had for unexpected metaphors.

Davetiye (PDF)

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