„VOICES, NIGHTLONG, ARISEN” [11.01.- 12.03.2005]


Borusan Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul

The exhibition „VOICES, NIGHTLONG, ARISEN” shows the new works of the artists Ramazan Bayrakoglu, Helmut Dick, Bülent Evren, Özlem Günyol and Markus Keibel, who advance in pursuit of “different” interpretations by carrying into their works those topics that can be regarded within this framework. The notion of “nachtduchwachsen”, which constitutes the conceptual framework of the exhibition, brings itself forth in the artist’s projects and particularly in the approaches that refer to the dynamics of Istanbul. The fundamental aspect that this exhibition, which includes works that do not allow comprehension at the first sight, but that shape themselves and construct their meanings in the memory of the viewer afterwards, is to inquire the strategy the young artists followed at the phase of finding or losing their own “voices”, and how they transformed their thoughts.


Ramazan Bayrakoglu
Helmut Dick
Bülent Evren
Özlem Günyol
Markus Keibel

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