François Morellet Spot on # 4 [21.11.2012 – 26.05.2013]


Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul

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The “SPOT ON” exhibitions developed to present both the collection and the temporary exhibitions in an organic entirety at the Borusan Contemporary are aimed at pointing towards the “organic structure of the collection” by bringing works of the artists represented in the collection together. The “Spot On #4” comprises around twenty works by François Morellet in diverse media such as neon, photography, drawings, objects and original prints. In putting the six large-scale neon sculptures included in the collection to the forefront, my first aim was to present these works not shown in Istanbul before as plainly as possible with ample space around them. The reflections, shadows of neon works in the space as well as on mirrors or glass surfaces are visual elements Morellet values as much as the works themselves.

These “reflections” which open up possibilities for new readings of the works when viewed from different angles, also gain different characters by reflecting on each other through glass panels. A special design is used for hanging the works in these “permeable spaces” formed by the reflection of the neons first on the office glass panels then the windows in order to allow the viewer to see the neon together with a drawing, an original print together with a canvas.

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