„Mind Models: The First Show” [03.02. – 13.03.2010]


Borusan Müzikevi, Istanbul

ArtCenter/Istanbul is a contemporary art center project brought to life in 2008, under the aegis of Borusan Culture and Arts. Under Ahmet Kocabıyık’s direction and support, its workshop facilities offered to young artists under the age of 35. In preparing the ArtCenter/Istanbul exhibition, I aimed to construct a different conceptual framework. After Borusan Music House was chosen as the exhibition venue, I realized that the dialogue between contemporary art and contemporary music was going to be one of the central leitmotifs of the exhibition. Reading up on the subject, I became deeply fascinated with a book of interviews with John Cage. This led me to discover a book entitled Mind Models, New Forms of Musical Experience, by the composer and theorist Roger Reynolds. This impressive book dealt with the experimental characters of contemporary music and in doing so, it strangely made references to the ways in which young artists created their works.

Balca Arda, Burak Bedenlier, Engin Beyaz, Lale Delibas, Sibel Diker, Basak Kaptan, Bengü Karaduman, Ali Ibrahim Öcal, Ilgın Seymen, Merve Sendil, Damla Tamer, İrem Tok, Özlem Uzun

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