Ferda Art Platform, Istanbul

Exhibition Design: Kerem Piker

Murat Germen’s solo exhibition Feyezan /Overflow at Ferda Art Platform focuses on the political, social and economic facts of the “present time” which we witness, and the different meanings and reactions that can be given to the individuals who are under crossfire. The works of Germen, who has developed a unique visual language by using different production techniques in his works since the 1980s, are carried out using photography, sculpture, installation and video techniques and will be presented to the audience for the first time. The works both open the doors of a different visuality and include the reflex of the artist developed without hesitation in the face of today’s political landscapes. The interpretation developed by Kerem Piker, who undertakes the design of the exhibition consisting of works selected while taking into account the characteristics of the gallery from the series titled “Business as Unusual, Humanscapes of Solidarity, Sculpting Reflection”, has an invitation and theme presented to the audience to accompany Germen’s different experiments with a holistic approach. The series “Sculpting Reflection”, which the artist will share with the audience for the first time in the exhibition, looks at the phenomenon of social distancing that arose during the quarantine period from very different point of views and looks at the background of the “social impositions” that heightened with the pandemic. What should be mentioned at this point is that through what the exhibition “shows” we see reflections of the facts that are not mentioned in current developments. While Overflow questions how sustainable everyday life is caught between “the old and new normal”; he focuses on the deadlock points that appear in the relationships of individual-society, human-nature, accompanied by a theme that aims to arouse suspicion. These are the moments where you are at a loss for words and thought begins. In this sense, the exhibition has an “open-ended” character in which inevitable social problems are brought to the light by carrying them to visual imagery.

Photography: Murat Germen

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