Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul

Live Stream 7/24: www.borusancontemporary.com/en/

In the era of the quarantine set in motion by the global pandemic: ACI REÇETE #02 / BITTER MEDICINE #02, developed by the artist duo :mentalKLINIK (Yasemin Baydar, Birol Demir), consists of shaping comprehensive ideas of the future without an objectification in a virtual environment during this time of withdrawal that affects the whole world.

The exhibition includes the site-specific installation Puff Out, installed in the main gallery space of the Haunted Mansion, and streamed live 24/7 through Borusan Contemporary’s website and social media channels. As the Haunted Mansion will be closed for visits for a while due to the public health precautions, this performative installation, which is transformed into a virtual, choreographic video narrative using moving camera systems, will be on view for art viewers around the world.

The starting point of the presentation is the Puff Out installation set up in the gallery space. Instant patterns are created by the endless and repetitive movements of 8 intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners in the glitter-covered space, producing combinations of light and form. The site-specific installation, which reaches the recipients digitally 24/7 via the Borusan Contemporary’s website, has a multi-layered structure. Visuality presented here is based on stimulations both technically and methodically. It is created by the glitter constantly moving with the enthusiasm of robots. Every instant “situation” not only presents the colors and forms that change in an unrepeatable way, but also turns the gallery into a space where different visual experiences are fermented. This feature, which is defined as the “microclimate area” by :mentalKLINIK, is a step taken in the name of the future, just like the soil in which a seed has fallen. ACI REÇETE # 02 / BITTER MEDICINE # 02, which is physically designed and represented on the digital platform, shapes its hybrid identity 24/7 in a virtual environment, examines the form of “moving image”—a primary expression of discourse in New Media Art—, shedding the barriers which determine the perceptions of the recipients, such as accessibility of the exhibition space, social distance, etc.

Photography: Özge Balkan, Ivan Zupanc

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