NİL YALTER 20th century / 21st century [24.11.-30.12.2011]


Galerist, Istanbul

This exhibition comprises of Nil Yalter’s canvas paintings as of 1965 as well her early video works. Video installations titled ‘Harem’ (1979-1980), ‘Sound of Painting’ (2005-2008) and ‘Lord Byron Meets the Shaman Woman’ (2009) which have an important place within Yalter’s artistic development, constitute the main body of the exhibition. The artist, while bringing together her works produced in two different time frames as emphasized by the title of her exhibition, does not depart only from her past productions. Yalter takes her audience almost on a journey in a time tunnel by exhibiting her abstract paintings along with the new video works she has produced by departing from the main values within these paintings. This approach that aims to establish a different relationship between yesterday and today, between lived experiences and the current ones, is one of the most important features that reveal Yalter’s attitude of questioning artist.

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