Sol LeWitt Spot on # 3 [25.5. – 18.11.2012]


Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul

Presenting the collection and temporary exhibitions within an integral whole at Borusan Contemporary, the Spot On presentation aims to show the “organic structure of the collection” and present the works of artists, represented in the collection, side by side.

It became apparent that three factors came into the forefront while interpreting the works of Sol LeWitt in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection: geometric forms, colors and repetition within a certain systematic framework. These characteristics had also been conceptualized by LeWitt and constituted a “leitmotive” by inception throughout his artistic career. For this, I developed the Spot On presentation from an aspect of “integration”, covering the entirety of LeWitt works. Here, it was important to found this presentation on the common denominators firstly in his writing and philosophy, as well as his works of art. With references to LeWitt’s use of “cube”, interpretation of the wall and relationship with colors, I shaped the exhibition of his works in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection.

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